"Marie's Violets" Deluxe Moni Originals® Bracelet

Item #DB-VIO
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The "Marie'ss Violets" bracelet from Moni Originals® is designed on sterling silver. Each link is painted in multiple layers, bringing the delicate violets to 3D-rich life! Background of links painted is in emerald green. The six link discs measure .5" diam. Bracelet is approx. 7.5" long.

Additional Information: Detail of the two rotating design links can be seen in the enlarged discs.

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Retail Price: $195.00

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Each .925 sterling silver Moni Originals® bracelet is first designed by California artist Moni and then hand painted in layers. The layers are sealed in a durable UV-protective resin. Ultra fine glitter - just enough to add sparkle - is added.