Sold: California Poppies (Teardrop/Rose Gold)

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Item #WP1021
Retail Price: $120.00


Multi-layered hand-painted California Poppies are wrapped in a rose gold-toned copper wire-wrap setting. The background is an opaque dark green. The design is painted in multiple layers, creating a 3D effect! Complimentary 6mm glass beads accent! Please note, this pendant does not have the transparent emerald green background, but a more opaque dark green. An abundance of glitter makes this Moni Originals hand-painted, wire-wrapped pendant sparkle!

Each piece takes several hours over several days to make as the layers must set before the next layer can be painted.  But it is a labor of love! I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making each unique piece!

(Item comes without chain)

5.5 cm tall x 2.5 cm wide

Cabochon is created with jewelry-grade resin and the design is painted between various layers. The wire is a rose gold-toned tarnish-resistant copper.

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Taking the Moni Originals pendants to a new (and fun!) level with the wire-wrapped line. Each cabochon is hand-made in layers of glittery resin, giving each piece unique, 3D detail! I hope you enjoy each item as much as I enjoyed making them!