SOLD! King of the Jungle Lion (Round/Copper)

Item #WP1044
Retail Price: $120.00


This feisty little King of the Jungle is painted in multiple layers in a translucent black background. The gold, fiery glitter shines through adding extra sparkle! 6mm smokey crystal beads and iridescent metallic beads complete this Moni Originals hand-painted, wire-wrapped pendant!

While I may paint similar pendants, each one is unique.

Each piece takes several hours over several days to make as the layers must set before the next layer can be painted. But it is a labor of love! I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making each unique piece!a

(Item comes without chain)

Size: 5.5 cm tall and 3.5 cm wide

Hand-made cabochon is created using a jewelry-grade resin and painting between layers. Wire is tarnish-resistant copper.

Click on the "Zoom Available" link for a close up view of SOLD! King of the Jungle Lion (Rnd/Cop)!

This item is not available. Please contact Moni with any questions.

Use these items as inspiration for a personal request! I only recently started archiving rather than removing items from the database.  After 20-plus years of painting, chances are I have painted something similar to what you're looking for! Please ask if you are looking for a specific design!