Frequently Asked Questions


How well do the Moni Originals pendants and earrings hold up?    We use a strong, commercial-grade resin when making the cabochons. Multiple layers are applied, with painting between each layer to reach the desired effect/design. They are very durable and extremely lightweight. It is advised to remove any jewelry when working with chemicals or showering.  Think of your Moni Jewelry as you would pearls and treat them with the same care.

What about scratching?    The resin is very durable, but if you do get scratches you can actually warm the piece of jewelry with a blow dryer (and sometimes even in your hand) and the scratches will often work their way out!

What about yellowing?    In some sunnier climates, there were a few problems reported with slight yellowing on some of the lighter background pieces. However, in late 2006, we switched to a product in the same line, but with higher UV protection added. Keep hand lotions from getting onto the resin as the chemicals over time can also cause yellowing and in some rare instances, degradation of the resin. Again, think of the pieces as pearls and treat them accordingly.

Can I make a special request?    Certainly. Many of the jewelry on these pages began as a "can you do...?". Please use the "Contact Moni" link to the left and e-mail me!

I have a retail location. How do I go about ordering wholesale?   Sorry, I'm not offering wholesale at this time. However, reach out to me via the contact page. There is some talk about hiring sales reps.  Such sales are ONLY for brick and mortar locations in the USA. If you are a sales rep with a proven track record and referrals, I would love to hear from you!

Do you have a catalog?    Not at this time. But please consider joining the mailing list to stay up-to-date.  And if I ever decide to do a new catalog, you'll be one of the first to know!

I have an Italian Charm stamped with Moni Originals.  Where can I find those? I no longer paint the Italian Charms.  There is not much of a market for them at this time and sadly all of my blanks (unpainted links) were destroyed in August of 2021 when I lost my house in the Caldor Fire.

Do you use a magnifying glass?     I tried a magnifying glass in the beginning. Completely threw off my depth perception! So, no, I do not use a magnifying glass.

Did I not address your question?    Send me an e-mail and I can answer it!